Welcome to Playlist

Welcome to the new Playlist! Playlist is a smart radio service that let's you listen to free, commercial free radio all the time, with no restrictions. You can create and build stations based on the music you love. 

Start by typing in your favorite artist or select a genre from our list of over 700 genre stations. From there you will start hearing music based on your selection, or station seed. You can then add more station seeds, or simply "like" a song to adjust your station to your taste. Playlist has the largest catalogue of high fidelity tracks to fill your every music need, so feel free to make your station as specific as you please.

Playlist's smart radio will take your skips, likes and dislikes into account, making adjustments on the fly to make sure you only hear songs you like. All you have to do is sit back and enjoy listening! Get started now, and enjoy all Playlist has to offer!

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